11 February 2007

Disappointment in the kitchen.

I made Irish stew today. It is very underwhelming. One bite tastes awesome, the next a little bitter, then the next is pretty good. I don't think it thickened properly, either.

It's not like I fucked it up, or anything. The stew just doesn't really live up to the expectations I'd created in my mind. Perhaps it'll taste better when it's reheated. It often seems as if chili, stews and soups get better each time you reheat it. Even my sloppy joes taste roughly 100 times better once they've been reheated. I really hope that's the case, because I have a shitload leftover. I'd planned to eat it for lunch all week.

All this is a part of my growth as a cook, I guess. There are things I tend to avoid eating (and thus cooking) for a reason. I'm not wild about soups or stews. But this recipe seduced me. Add the ridiculous cold we'd been experiencing, and it just seemed like Irish stew would make such a lovely, comforting meal. Plus, there was Guinness in it. I'm such a sucker.

I suppose I'll fall back on the usual suspects for a while now, until I get the urge to be ambitious in the kitchen again. Maybe it won't be too long. I've got a birthday coming up and I can't rightly have a birthday without cake, right? And I think I have a good idea as to how I can use a bit of the Guinness I have leftover (besides drinking it, of course): chocolate stout cake.

I've always been a better baker than cook, anyway.

Update: While the stew smelled better upon being reheated for my lunch, the taste was unchanged. The disappointment is now compounded. At least I have many options for lunch in Dinkytown.


Aza said...

I just aspire for one bite (out of the entire meal) to taste awesome. Somehow I still feel like my expectations are too high.

Jess said...

I think that's a reasonable expectation. It's something to shoot for anyway. Plus, awesome is totally subjective. Sometimes I think a bowl of GrapeNuts is awesome.