04 February 2007

The Big Game.

Ah, the last day of football. Well, I guess the Pro Bowl is what, next week? Does anyone watch that?

It is The Sex Cannon vs. Dick Head. No, seriously, his head looks like a penis. God forbid he ever start balding and shave his head. Colts games would have to be censored. He'd be all pixelated or there'd be a blue dot where his head should be.

Like any woman, I cannot resist the power of Sexy Rexy, so I'm pulling for the Bears. Tony Dungy's ties to the Gophers be damned; they can't trump my hatred of Peyton Manning. I'm not going to pick a score or anything. I stop doing that with the last office pool. I think I'm always wrong, anyway.

And since it is Super Bowl Sunday, you know what that means, right? It's Puppy Bowl III. They're so cute I can't stand it. Whatever happens to women who are baby-crazy when they see babies happens to me when I see puppies. I remember being at a show at First Avenue last year where they showed Puppy Bowl II on the big screen between bands. It was surreal and most delicious.

Um, I'm watching the Pistons and Cavs and our local ABC affiliate, KSTP, is running a scroll saying that there are schools closing tomorrow already because of the cold. Granted, it's only a couple of charter schools, but it's not going to be that cold. It's only supposed to get to -20. Perhaps I should work from home tomorrow, lest I catch hypothermia at the bus stop. I suppose that all depends on how much I have to drink tonight.

I should finish getting things ready for my party. I tried my hand at vegetarian sloppy joes (in addition to regulation meaty joes) for my veggie friend. I wasn't too crazy about them yesterday, but they might get better upon being reheated. The regular ones do, for sure.

It's foosball time, bitches.

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