11 January 2007

You don't know me.

Because I've purchased things from Amazon.com in the past, I occasionally get e-mails from them telling me that they have recommendations for me. Today, they sent me one recommending My Chemical Romance's The Black Parade. I loathe My Chemical Romance and all their ilk. I have no desire to listen to, much less purchase, their Queen rip-off album.

Look, Amazon, you don't know me. Granted, some of these recommendations are spot on. Of course, by the time you recommend them to me, I have nearly always heard of the band and in many cases, already own the album in some form. But stuff like My Chemical Romance, the Gin Blossoms and James Blunt? Seriously? God forbid I buy something that's a gift for someone, because then the stuff you suggest is completely skewed.

You're recommending The X-Files season whatever because I bought The Simpsons? They're nothing alike! I mean, I like them both, but I don't get the connection. Both shows were on Fox and there was an X-Filesesque episode of The Simpsons. But that's it. And I can totally see why your software would recommend David McCullough's 1776 based on the fact that I bought Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Just look at this excerpt from Amazon's review of McCullough's book:

Esteemed historian David McCullough covers the military side of the momentous year of 1776 with characteristic insight and a gripping narrative, adding new scholarship and a fresh perspective to the beginning of the American Revolution.

Right. That's totally like wizards. You should probably just quit trying Amazon. It's not that I don't appreciate the effort. I do, very much. But, well, you're doing a really shitty job.


csmc said...

Haha!! Amazon is like that know it all friend that won't quit... I love it! Oh wait my kIaF actually does work for Amazon... maybe I should talk to her about that...

lunkhead said...

That happens to me when I purchase something off iTunes for my iPod. Sometimes the recommendations suck; other times they are pretty good. Dropping .99 for a song is not the same as purchasing a CD, though.

Anonymous said...

I know! Like when I bought The Swing Set Adult Party Game and Amazon recommended The Adult Rubber Ducky.

I mean, c'mon Amazon. One if meant for 2-8 couples to explore their mutual physical love, and the other is for a woman who feels the need to hide her vibrator in plain sight! Get with the program!