26 January 2007

A stroke of genius.

Okay, so I actually got the idea from a friend of mine a few years ago. However, for some stupid reason, I didn't really think about it until this week. Sadly, my memory was triggered by an episode of Tyra Banks's show that was on when I was at the gym.

I've been using these Pond's make-up removal towelettes for a while to take off my eye make-up at night. I've tried the generic Target version and while they work pretty much just as well, they're quite rough. I have problems using a liquid remover with a cotton ball, because I get wee wisps of cotton in my eyelashes that always seem to end up in my eye and irritate the shit out of me.

After watching that Tyra episode (hey, it was that or craptacular soaps), I remembered using baby wipes once at Carrie's place. So, last night when I was at the grocery store, I grabbed these Pampers wipes. They're fragrance free and have aloe. I figure if something is okay for a baby's ass, it's okay for removing my eye make-up.

They worked like a freakin' dream. Honestly, I was shocked. They were soft and took off even my mascara, quickly and completely. The Pampers wipes worked better than anything I've used that is specifically for eye make-up removal. Go figure. Plus, a container of 80 sells for considerably less than than a pack of 30 of the Ponds towelettes.

All of this got me thinking of other home remedies or cheap alternatives for a variety of beauty products. For example, I posted before about my lip exfoliant odyssey. I used sugar for that again last night. I think it might be a bit more effective if I was to employ a soft-bristled toothbrush, instead of my finger, as an applicator.

Instead of using a clarifying shampoo, I add baking soda to my regular shampoo. I find clarifying shampoos to be too harsh on my hair. Plus, they really strip color. The baking soda does strip color a little bit, but I actually tend to like the effect on my hair color. Baking soda is far less harsh, and is also a LOT cheaper.

When in need of a deep conditioning treatment and I'm either broke or don't want to bother going out to buy one, I add a little olive oil to my regular conditioner. This also works like a dream. Apparently, olive oil also works well as a beard conditioner. My friend's brother uses it and his beard is positively silky. I really need to find my bearded man and try it out ... you know, to replicate the results of the experiment or something.

Olive oil is also good for shaving your legs, according to Tyra (God help me). I'd be a little wary of sending it down the pipes, myself. But I imagine it would be great -- far more moisturizing than shaving cream or gel. Conditioner is also good for shaving. I don't bother with the nice stuff. I'll grab a $1 bottle of White Rain or V05 and it works just as well. Of course, if I'm in a pinch with no shave gel and only my regular conditioner, I will use my regular conditioner. There are a couple of drawbacks to using conditioner. One, it seems to clog up the razor faster than shaving cream (I suspect olive oil would do the same). Two, since it's very light, it's hard to see where you've shaved and where you haven't.

Now that I've shared my little tips with y'all, you're either saying, "Bitch, please. That's common knowledge," or "Hey! What great ideas. As it turns out, I have some of my own."

So, if you do have your own tips and tricks for beauty on the cheap, dear readers, won't you share?

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Lola said...

Olive oil is the great all rounder. Mix it with sugar and use it as an all over body exfoliator. Also, get yourself a body brush. Stimulates circulation in the skin and prevents/gets rid of cellulite. Not kidding. Gently brush dry body before washing. You'll notice the difference.

Lola x