07 January 2007

Sleeping should not be stressful.

Good God, almighty. I have been having some bizarre dreams this week. Earlier in the week it was the dreams of kids trying to steal my shit. Last night, though, was even more disturbing.

I woke up very disconcerted this morning. I'd been dreaming that nearly all of my family -- including my nuclear family and all the aunts, uncles and cousins on my dad's side of the family -- were going to be taken away by some terribly malevolent being. This evil creature was going to suck out their souls and send my family back, but they'd be his slaves. It wasn't just my family, either. This was happening to everyone. The people who had their souls sucked out would then go back out into the world to quell any sort of a revolt.

For whatever reason, it hadn't happened to me and at least one of my cousins, who was pregnant in my dream. I hope she's not in real life. She's a bit too young. The dream never got far enough along for our family to have had their souls sucked out (as far as I knew, I guess), so I spent most of the dream trying to figure out a way to save them without being found out.

I don't understand why I only have bizarre dreams. I mean, I probably have normal dreams like everyone else seems to, but I don't remember them. I rarely remember my dreams, but when I do, they're batshit fucking insane.



Christine said...

I always dream bizarre dreams when I'm going through a period of relative calm in my waking life. When I have calm, peaceful dreams, it usually means I'm anxious or stressed in my waking life. It's your body's way of dealing with what you're going through in real life. Also, I always remember my dreams. It just means I wake up right after my REM sleep. You probably are always having weird dreams, you just happened to wake up after this one. Freaky, though. I dreamed my sister died a month back. Just last night, I dreamed I was in China and I met an Amerianca ex-patriot who was living in the rice paddies. That was a cool dream!

Virginia Belle said...

usually, if i have batshit insane dreams, it means i ate too much food before bedtime. i can't eat before bedtime. hope your dreams are more normal soon!