30 January 2007

Oh no you didn't.

I've been hearing things about Justin Timberlake making a short joke about Prince at some awards show. Or reading them, I guess. I really don't pay all that much attention to celebrity gossip, unless it comes from The Superficial.

However, yesterday in the Minneapolis paper, I read more about it from Gossip Columnist, C.J.. Apparently, this is something of a burgeoning feud.

Seriously? A feud?

Let me tell you something, Justin Timberlake: you aren't fit hold Prince's jock. Or wear his high-heeled boots. Whatever. You know what I mean. You were in a boy band. You're feuding with PRINCE. The man is a musical genius with a career spanning four decades. You were in a boy band. And quite frankly, I think you owe a great deal of your success to Timbaland's skills as a producer. Prince was making music before you were so much as a gleam in your parents' eyes.

And he may be a tiny, unattractive man, but he has more sexy in his pinkie than you have in your entire body. I can't explain it, because I am six inches taller than the man and I really don't find him the least bit attractive, but damn is he sexy.

So, Justin Timberlake, you can lick my pasty white ass.

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AmyD said...

Ahahahaaa! Hilarious. And you're right; there is something sexy about Prince. A friend of mine came across tickets to see him in concert once, and wasn't even all that excited. Yet, she returned with drool streaming from her mouth, saying it took everything in her not to rush the stage and molest him something fierce. So, not sure what it is, but Justin ain't got nothing at that little man. Ha!