03 December 2006

Tall guys love bands.

This is the only reasonable conclusion I can come to after yet another night of of seeing a show with my sightlines obliterated by very tall guys.

I have no idea why this happens. But it happens and it happens pretty consistently to me. Now, I'm tall for a girl. I'm 5'9". Most of the time when I'm out on the town, I feel as if I'm surrounded by guys who are my height or shorter. When I see a show, though, it's a completely different story. Every guy in Minneapolis who is 6'2" or taller (and doesn't play for the Timberwolves or Gophers, I guess) comes out to see shows and they all like to stand in front of me.

Last night at Bob Schneider's show at the Fine Line was no different. I even wore heels. I had to have been between 5'11" and 6' and I still couldn't see shit on the stage unless I managed to get a window between a couple of the guys standing in front of me.

I don't understand it. I even noticed when I went out in Mankato that the guys there seemed taller than the guys I usually see out and about in Minneapolis. I'd rather they go out on a regular night, but I guess I'm glad to know that there are guys taller than me living in town and going out to shows. Now, if I can only get them to follow the "tall people in the back, short people in the front" guideline that seems to make sense to no one but me and my sister.

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L'Austin Translation said...

Dude, it was Bob Schneider! I don't blame you for wanting to see him he oozes sex appeal.

And yes, tall guys always seem to stand in front of me. I'm usually about 5'7" to 5'8" in heels and dwarfed.