26 December 2006

A reminder.

If I ever wonder (or anyone else wonders, for that matter) why Booty Call Matt occupies the position he does and not something loftier, I get a well-needed reminder from him every now and again.

Sometimes he calls to make plans to hang out in advance, much like he did last night. Or early this morning, actually. He wanted to plan ahead to hang out with me tonight. He'd call me today. He hasn't called. It's a shame. I could have used a little distraction.

Christmas was alright, but my family really wears on me. I was two minutes late getting home from a family friend's house to leave for Mass on Christmas Eve and my brother, sister and dad all yelled at me the whole drive to church. I guess I should have just stayed with my friend's family and drank and had fun. Perhaps next year will be the year that I finally get the balls to tell my dad that I'm not going to Mass.

There was a little part of me hoping that Whatshisfuckingface would be home for the holidays and get in touch. I doubt that will happen. I'm broke and have to host the New Year's party that will be sparsely attended, I'm sure. And I'm broke for a while. Today I found out a good friend's dad has a brain tumor that is likely malignant and he probably has six months to a year to live.

But it wasn't all bad. I got some nice gifts. I was able to see two of my very good friends (and one's new baby) from home over the holiday weekend. I only work two days this week and should be able to spend some more time with friends, including another friend who has a new baby. I think I came in third in fantasy football, which should mean I broke even and improved over last year.

It'll just be nice to get the holidays over with so I can go on with getting past the post-holiday blues.

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Christine said...

I'm planning on attending the party on NYE! I just have to work until later that night. I am looking forward to it.

Holidays are tough with all the obligations. I try to remind myself to be happy with what I have instead of upset that there's never enough time to do everything I want to do.