04 December 2006

Not. Funny.

The New York Times seems to think Minnesota is the perfect fit for Barry Bonds.


Okay, so the Twins don't sign big-name free agents. Sure, they get a couple of mentions here and there during the winter meetings and whatnot. Nothing every comes of it, though. And it says right in the article that Terry Ryan has expressed no interest in Bonds. Well, no public interest anyway.

I shouldn't have to worry. But dear God, what if this is the year that Old Man Pohlad loosens the purse strings? You know, to thank the fans for coming out and supporting the team. And for that new stadium. Hahahahahahahahaha. Right.

I said I would move out of state if the Timberwolves drafted Christian Laettner, and dammit, I made good on that promise. Granted, I was already planning on moving to North Carolina for college, but still. I don't know if I could root for a team that employed Barry Bonds, even if I've loved them my entire life.

Of course, I eventually was able to look at Sam Cassell when he played for the Wolves. I embraced him and Spree.

All this worrying is useless, though. It's just talk.

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