07 December 2006

Holiday obligations, or why am I sending a card to this person I haven't spoken to in years?

I go through this dance every year. Who gets a card? Why do I exchange cards with people I talk to for a few minutes once a year? Why do I keep sending cards to people who don't send them to me?

For whatever reason, this year the whole Christmas card thing is like pulling teeth. Usually I can bang them all out in two sittings, but I'm only about halfway through and this is my third run. I think I might be starting a bit early this year. I have three cousins in college who will be coming home next weekend and I wanted to get theirs out before they leave school. Maybe that's it? I have this window where I can get into the holiday spirit and I think I'm trying to get in too early.

I have such a hard time finding cards, too. I don't want them to be religious or lame. The funny ones are hard to come by. Though, I think I found some good ones at Target today. I wish I'd waited to buy them the first go-round because the new ones are much better than the ones I just finished up. Oh well.

And shopping for gifts? Don't even get me started. Well, I did start. I bought one present today, only because I need it for Saturday. I'll have to get another one sent to my aunt in Chicago, but otherwise I'll probably buy them all on the 22nd. Hey -- at least it's not on Christmas Eve!

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Christine said...

You should go to Barnes and Noble AFTER Christmas. That's when the expensive, funny, cool cards are on sale for HALF price! That's what I did this year. Also, trying making gifts. I am boycotting crass consumerism this year and knitting everyone a gift!