12 December 2006

The Bob Saget Fan Club.

I know, I know: no one cares about your fantasy football team. Oh, wait. You didn't know that The Bob Saget Fan Club is the name of my fantasy football team? I'm truly sorry if I got your hopes up, Dear Reader. And if you stumbled upon this blog looking for the Bob Saget fan club, well, you've got bigger fish to fry, my friend.

Back to the lecture at hand:

I managed to somehow make it to my league's semifinals for the second-straight year. Thanks to Steven Jackson, I was able to pull off a come-from-behind upset last night. This is just my third year of fantasy football. I fear my initial season's second-place finish might be the best I ever do. Beginner's luck, you know? How could anyone know that Drew Bennett would blow up that year? I mean, I only picked him because I thought he was cute.

Reaching the Super Bowl looks like a very long shot for The Bob Saget Fan Club, since my opponent has LT and not only won our division, but is the number one seed in the playoffs.

But this is The Bob Saget Fan Club. And God is on my side.

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Edward Buendia said...

LT is a legend, and MY San Diego Chargers are a Super Bowl Caliber team: we are due, damn it, we are due!