13 November 2006

Zicam = Thumbs up. Or maybe not.

Thumbs up is totally lame, I know. But I can't come up with anything clever like the pineapples over at Critical Fluff. I mean, I do have a cold and all.

Oh, but this isn't a normal cold. I don't know why I'd never tried it before, but after work on Friday, when I'd started feeling that familiar foggy-head feeling that indicates my getting sick, I went to get some Zicam. It's supposed to shorten the duration of your cold and decrease the severity of the symptoms. I figured it was like anything else I'd ever tried; a crock of shit, basically.

Turns out I was wrong. At least that seems to be the case so far. I haven't felt any worse since Friday. The cold hasn't traveled into my throat or lungs, as it usually would have done by now. I've been able to work out and sleep normally, which is a pretty big deal for me. I'm kind of sneezy today, but I'm sneezy every day at work.

I have no idea how this stuff works, nor do I really care, to be honest. If this is the worst I get with this cold, I will use Zicam forever. Seriously. This stuff is the bomb, yo.

Update: Now I remember why I had never used Zicam. It can cause permanent loss of smell and taste. My senses seem to be fine at the moment, but I think I'll stop using it now.


L'Austin Translation said...

I've been using Zicam for at least 6 years and I've never lost my senses of smell and taste.


It almost makes one wonder just how much zinc-laden goo they are shooting up their nose!

Jess said...

I know, right? And whether or not they are shooting it way up there, much farther than recommended.

Glad to hear you've had no problems. Maybe I will continue to use it.

Virginia Belle said...

i would also like to recommend two other cold-staving remedies. i swear by them because they prevent it from getting worse and help me feel better sooner.

1. airborne. i swear the stuff works, esp if you take it the first day you start feeling like crap. this year i am trying the new pink grapefruit flavor. hopefully it tastes better than original, which is like a really crappy Tang flavor. if it weren't for the nice bubbles, it would be awful.

2. Cold-Eeze cough drops. they taste like you're sucking on a penny, but they are awesome. they make your cold go away a lot faster. they cost more than regular cough drops, but you'll be glad you got them. Note: DO NOT, i repeat, DO NOT buy the red flavor. they are disgusting. i like the orange ones ok. also, follow the directions-- eating more than two in one day really will make your tummy upset. take it from me.

i'll have to remember to try zicam. it sounds like good stuff.