08 November 2006

Playing through the pain.

Maybe it's the post-Election Day blues. And not blues as in I'm disappointed by the way things turned out. Save for the Minnesota governor's race, I'm really pleased. It's more like post-holiday blues. Because ... what now? Of course, it could be my wacky hormones.

Whatever the reason, my day seems remarkably similar to the day going on over at L'Austin Translation. Except for the productivity point. I've got nothing there.

There's no let-up in sight for me. I'm going to be relatively cut off from the world outside of work (where there's little social interaction) and my gig house/dog/cousin-sitting out in the 'burbs. Except this time, it's two dogs and another teenager in addition to my cousin. For five days. They don't need me being sullen and withdrawn.

I'm sure by the weekend the clouds will have cleared. Maybe even before that. They always do. Somehow, though, that doesn't make me feel much better right now.

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