01 November 2006

An ode to hormones.*

*Or the end of Daylight Savings Time or whatever the hell is causing me to spend the day weeping at my desk.

O Hormones
You make me the woman I am.
And keep me from being a man.
You let me know every month that I will not be a mom
With sadness and rage that goes off like a bomb.
I cry because I cannot make my sister's birthday.
I cry because I'm conflicted about my choices on Election Day.
I cry because it's All Saints' Day?
My heart feels the weight of crushing sadness.
But sad at what?
There's nothing there.
It's madness.
What the fuck?

1 comment:

Virginia Belle said...

very cute! i love it! thanks for the laugh.

oh, how true....

and any guy who reads that would never understand.

my weakness during that time? AT&T commercials--you know, the ones where you can "reach out and touch someone"? also, dog stories. the ones where the dog rescues his owner from the burning building, only to die in the fire.

OMG, i sob uncontrollably. it's like niagara falls. i can't handle the dog stories at all.