29 November 2006

Holiday kissing tips.

I was sitting at the salon tonight reading Redbook while waiting for my color to take. Nary a Sports Illustrated or Newsweek to be found, so I made do.

I came across these holiday couple tips. My favorite by far is this one:

5. Share a seasonal smooch.
Married men like minty kisses, while single men prefer kisses that taste like alcohol, according to the book What's Your Food Sign? by Alan R. Hirsch, M.D. So to increase your smooch potential, sip on some eggnog if you're not hitched, or put on that peppermint-flavored lip balm (or lick a candy cane!) if you are — and get ready to pucker up!

It makes sense. Well, the part about single men liking kisses that taste like booze makes sense to me. It also cracked me up. But Redbook, I have a question and I desperately need an answer.

Will I have all my bases covered if I swig some peppermint schnapps before I make out with my married boyfriend?


msquared said...

I think you might be covered but I guess should doble check with redbook

L'Austin Translation said...

Booze-laden kisses= drunken sex?

And ew- eggnog breath is decidedly unsexy. How about peppermint martinis? Or Hot Cider?

Dairy and kissing just don't mix- Redbook should know this!

Jess said...

I made the mistake of kissing Booty Call Matt hello the other night with a minty mouth full of freshly-brushed teeth. When I kissed him goodbye, it was with lips peppermint-smelling lips.

I'm breaking all the rules! No wonder I have boy trouble.