05 October 2006

Spin's Artist of the Day

Okay, so I canceled my subscription to SPIN earlier this summer because it went to a whole new level of shittiness.

They've redeemed themselves in my eyes, though. The most recent issue (with the vomitous Panic! at the Disco on the cover) has The Slats listed in their monthly "what to download" column. In the interest of full disclosure, The Slats are not only one of my favorite bands, they are also friends of mine.

That doesn't mean they don't rock. Oh, they do. They will rock your motherfucking socks off. Yeah, I know Tapes 'n' Tapes are the current indie darlings out of Minneapolis. And I like them, to be sure. But I've seen them, apparently, because The Slats have played with them. And I don't remember a thing about any of their shows. Why? Because The Slats rocked ever memory of them out of my brain.

Today, SPIN.com's Artist of the Day just happens to be The Slats. You should check them out. Get even more Slats action here.

They're on tour very soon (BC couldn't come to see Yo La Tengo on Saturday with me and Sweetness because of said tour). When they bring the Goblet of Rock to your town, check them out. And tell b cox I said "Hi."

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Christine said...

Slats were supposed to be in City Pages this week, too. But it didn't happen! Hopefully, it will soon!