02 October 2006

Holy wow.

Remember when I said I couldn't shake the feeling of destiny surrounding the Twins' improbable comeback? It's getting stronger and stronger every damn day. Wow. I thought I was relatively speechless when the Twins clinched a playoff berth a week ago. But yesterday? That was just ... wow.

It was pretty cool to hear the crowd at the Dome chanting "Let's go, Royals," while the game was still going on. It was even cooler to see the players joining in while everyone watched the Detroit/KC game on the Jumbotron. I'm a little amazed, but at the same time not very amazed, that so many people stayed to watch things play out after the Twins finished off the Bitch Sox.

My mom was going to look for our Homer Hankies from the '87 and '91 seasons. I've always wondered what happened to mine when I packed up my stuff and went off to college. I've got one from the 2004 season somewhere amongst my things. However, it's probably packed away in a box from the move back in March. Boo.

There is one thing about the Twins being in the playoffs that's got me pretty angry. Stupid FOX, MLB and the goddamn East Coast bias that is forcing the Twins games against Oakland to be in the afternoon tomorrow, Wednesday and Friday. Jesus H. motherfucking Christ. I can't take off three afternoons of work you bastards. Fucking Yankees. I guess there's a silver lining even to this, though: no Jeanne Zelasko for a few days. She makes me want to hurt someone. Mostly her.


csmc said...

The Yankees truly are f**ckers and I'm a NYer admitting that. My apologies. :P

Jess said...

Oh, you don't need to apologize for them.

Besides ... there's something about the games being on when I'm at work that reminds me at least of the 1987 playoffs, when I had to miss a game or two because of school, a volleyball practice or a game. I'll just go old school and listen on the radio and not do a lick of work.

Edward Buendia said...

Yeah... Twinkies are amazing, you couldn't script it better, blah blah. They lost their opener: way to squander home field advantage! That being said, Go Twinkies, and my Padres are going to Kick some Cardie ASS!