15 October 2006

He's so predictable.

Vikings bye week = Booty Call Matt on the phone. And he didn't even want to watch the game tonight. Really, no one needs to subject themselves to watching Oakland Raiders football.

I managed to whine my way out of it tonight, but there's a good game on tomorrow night, so ... Sometimes it's difficult to shoot him down. I once told him that I just couldn't be around people and he said, "Jess, I'm not people." And damn, him, he was right. I mean, not even my having pink eye was a deterrent.

I'm a tired girl after spending the weekend drinking with the fam in Milwaukee. My cousin's wedding was a great time. I saw some people I haven't seen in ages and it was lovely. I'm all unpacked and even did laundry, so now it's downtime until bed. Excellent.

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