13 September 2006

Wailing and gnashing my teeth.

Well, I was, anyway. I spent the morning watching the clock, waiting for it to be noon. Why? Because today was the day that Francisco Liriano returned to the Twins' rotation.

Things didn't go so well. Was he rushed back? It didn't really seem that was the case. He had no problems during his rehab. There was nothing until that pitch. My heart sank when John Gordon and the Dazzle Man described the scene.

But I thought about it for a while and you know what? The Twins have done pretty well while he's been out. Matt Garza pitched really well in relief -- like seven innings and gave up a run. That one run was enough, unfortunately.

All is not lost, my fellow Twins fans. We have Supernatural. The wishes and fairy dust holding Bradke's shoulder in place seem to be working. He might even make it back at the end of the regular season. Carlos the Jackal isn't sucking so much. Boof's doing really well. The offense is mostly staying away from the ass bats.

Am I deluding myself? I hope not. I just really don't want this crazy ride to end.

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