29 September 2006

Rad Brad.

Adding another improbable to the list that makes up all the things that the Twins have done this season, Brad Radke came back from a torn labrum AND a stress fracture in his right shoulder to pitch in what was almost assuredly his final regular-season start for the Twins.

And you know what? He pitched his ass off. The fairy dust and spackle holding his arm on held through five innings (57 pitches, three hits one unearned run). If his arm is still attached today, he's probably in the playoff rotation. Hot fucking damn.

He's likely to announce his retirement after the postseason. Thanks, Brad. I can't possibly say it better myself.


Matthew B. Novak said...

Appreciate the link. Also the support you threw my way the other day over at Shanoff's blog. Thanks.

Jess said...

You're ever so welcome. The bit on Brad was excellent.

twins15 said...

Unbelievable performance from Brad coming off the injury... what a gamer. Hopefully he has a couple more in him for the playoffs, and can finish it off with a World Series win. :)