11 September 2006

I hate cable companies.

I would have mentioned my specific cable provider, but I'm not sure if it is Time Warner or Comcast. Minneapolis is in the midst of switching from the former to the latter.

It doesn't really matter which one it is. Well, maybe I'd rather it be Time Warner, because I'm used to them being assholes. I'd like Comcast and I to get off on the right foot.

I was just sitting here, watching the Vikings game (only because it was on in place of The Simpsons), passing the time until the Twins game started. And without a warning, my cable box shuts off. Oh, but not just shuts off. That would be too easy. It was as if it had been unplugged. Lovely. I've got a poltergeist. After a couple of tries, I got it working again. However, my picture is now all messed up.

Fortunately, it's just the cable box and not my TV. I'm DVR-less (hold me!) until Friday, when they're sending a cable guy out (bow chicka bow bow). This is probably the fourth or fifth time I've had someone out in the past calendar year, not including the guy who set things up when I moved in here. That's close to every other month. Not so much acceptable if you ask me.

I'm watching the news about Minneapolis's going Wi-Fi with much anticipation. When that happens (late next year), I'll be able to cut the cord (or cable as it may be) and go wi-fi for internet and with a satellite provider for TV. Yay!

My cable provider is just lucky that I was able to bypass the DVR box and I have a clear picture for the Twins game. God help you if you keep me from watching my beloved Twins. Oh my God. I'm positively all aflutter over the Twins. Words keep failing me, which sucks. But holy damn.

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