08 September 2006

Having too much fun home alone on Friday night.

Seriously. It always weirds me out a little bit when I realize that I'm having a fucking blast sitting home alone on a Friday night.

The Twins beating up on Detroit is contributing. So is the beer. And the good music. I've busted out Marty Robbins and Dolly Parton already. I was clapping along to Elbow's "Mexican Standoff." I have yet to do any dancing. Well, much dancing, anyway.

This is all despite a headache that is making me feel like my skull, right around my left eye, is caving in.

Life is good.

There's some activity on the radar that suggests I might get dragged out in the next hour or so. I think I can be talked into it pretty easily. But I'd be just as happy hanging out here.

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