26 September 2006

Fall is in the air. No, wait! It's destiny.

I thought I was coming down off my high from last night. But I'm not, really. I've spent a good chunk of today reading every freakin' Twins-related thing I can get my hands on.

As the days of the regular season keep trickling away, the feeling that this team is destined for something big really seems to grow. I mean, for me, anyway. I didn't want to say anything, because I don't want to jinx it. But this feeling is so strong that I just can't keep it bottled up any more.

This team has overcome so much and just keeps coming. And they're not done yet, by any means. Holy damn, am I excited.


Spirit of Jack Morris said...

I'm gonna add you to my list of blogs, if that's OK...

Jess said...

Okay? I would be honored.