21 September 2006

Does it come in baby-shit yellow, too?

I was waiting for the bus after work today, watching the traffic go through Dinkytown on 4th Street. I saw a Pepto-Bismol-pink Ford Expedition go by. The driver was male, I think. He must either be extremely secure in his own sexuality ... or gayer than Elton John's handbag. There was no Mary Kay decal on the back; nor any other sort of indication as to why someone would do that to a perfectly good vehicle.

This gray, rainy day is sapping the essence from my very soul. I thought perhaps beer and Supernatural would help me to feel better. But the first beer is slow going down and the Santana has looked, well, not very good through an inning and two-thirds.

In other news, there is even more reason for me to hate the Vikings:

A potential schedule conflict with the Twins could force the Vikings to move their Oct. 8 game against Detroit, but Vikings officials apparently are considering whether to challenge an agreement that gives the Twins priority in the Metrodome.

Their douchebaggery knows no bound.


H said...

Hey! I love ur blog.. Very nice! LOL... Keep updating! I like the comment about the gay pink car... I have one too: verybitchyrant@blogspot.com

mist1 said...

Ah, Summit. I miss Mpls.