07 September 2006

Am I ready for some football?

Meh, I guess so. I'd be more inclined to care if someone other than StubbyFingers McGee and Chas Batch were the quarterbacks tonight. I don't have any fantasy players going tonight (I'm benching Hines Ward because I don't trust Batch), so really there's not much to suck me in.

Oh, and it turns out that there's a baseball game on tonight, too! Honestly, how can anyone expect me to care about a football game when the Twins and Tigers are separated by a mere four games? Sunday I'll be able to watch the late football games. I really just don't care as long as the Twins are in the playoff hunt. I am positively giddy about the Twins right now. Meanwhile, the Tigers fans I know are doing much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

What a weekend this will be -- baseball, football and beer. Oh, but I'll be a happy girl.

I'm putting off work. I should be working on the report we got back earlier this week. But the comments have created such a clusterfuck I can barely wrap my head around things. I'm taking things a bit too personally, of course, especially since I didn't write all of it. It's a fault. I'm not good with criticism. Many of the comments are just plain stupid, though. The commenter must not have bothered to read the report through before digging in. Half of his remarks are addressed within a sentence or two. I'll be sure to point that out in my editing. 'Cause I'm a snotty bitch like that.

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