16 August 2006


There has been a tanker truck outside our windows since probably 9:00 this morning. I can't read the name on the side of the door, so I'm not entirely sure what these people are doing. I see a hose, though, and given that it's attached to a giant tank, I can surmise they are pumping something into or sucking something out of some receptacle underground, directly beneath my window.

The sound is loud and droning. It's also producing a lot of vibration. Not to mention it's messing up my radio's reception, leaving The Current interrupted by bursts of static. The vibrating is so bad that I can feel it in my sinuses -- and they hurt. When it stopped momentarily an hour or so ago (lunch break?), I felt like I do when I've gone to a particularly loud show at First Ave; like my ears are stuffed with cotton.

I can't concentrate. Even my teeth are starting to hurt as a part of this grander-scale headache that seems to include everything above my neck. I'm positively worthless at work today. And I had such big plans for productivity.

I wonder just what in the hell it is that they're doing.


Melissa said...

Your "The Current" sounds much more interesting than mine: http://www.cbc.ca/thecurrent/

csmc said...

Ooh! I hate it when that stuff goes on. They have been doing construction and ungodly hours next door to me for the last month! I think they are done finally this week.

Jess said...

At least this was short-lived. Construction at ungodly hours usually goes on forever. Gross. I think all that noise and vibration gave me cramps. Hahahahahahaha.