24 August 2006

Wet t-shirt contest?

I'm heading to the Great Minnesota Get-Together tonight to see The Flaming Lips, Sonic Youth and The Magic Numbers. There may be some fair food (corn dogs, cheese curds, you get the idea) consumed. Oh who am I kidding? There will definitely be fair food consumed. I've gotta soak up that beer somehow.

The forecast calls for a 50 percent chance of thunderstorms starting this afternoon and pretty much all night. The shows at the fair Grandstand go on rain or shine. I don't really know what the policy is on severe thunderstorms. Also of note: umbrellas are not permitted in the Grandstand. Kick. Ass. I have no rain gear other than my poor umbrella.

For some reason, it seems completely appropriate to me to see this line-up (well Sonic Youth and the Lips, anyway) in the rain. I'm going to embrace it. And at least I had the forethought to switch from my pink, already-pretty-sheer-for-a-t-shirt Rapture t-shirt to basic black. Some days I'm not a complete moron.


Anne said...

Take lots of pictures of your shirt.

andy said...

jeese sings soft as the Georgia ring.. coming down even on the window pane..get a blast