14 August 2006


Malina left this morning for her meetings in Brainerd. She misses her babies so much. I feel awful for her. It was so lovely to see her, though. We didn't do a ton of stuff; the block party Saturday, shopping, dinner and hanging out yesterday. I miss her already.

Now I get to go back to my routine. I plan to hide from the world for a while. I feel like a broken record. It seems as if I've been saying that an awful lot. But I'm feeling very out-of-sorts at the moment. I slept probably eight hours last night, yet I can't stop yawning. I feel a wee bit sick to my stomach. I'm jittery from using my inhaler, yet I feel like I'm really congested and my chest is very tight.

Sometimes I feel like I'm getting older and set in my ways when I crave this solitude. Sometimes people make me feel like I'm being antisocial. But I've been out and about among people a lot lately.

Saturday morning I was up at the asscrack of dawn. I walked over to Lake Calhoun and back (and around it). The streets were quiet, the day was lovely. That's the kind of solitude I was craving. Hopefully I can get some more of it.


Melissa said...

I've decided to stop making exuses or explaining away my anti-socialness. We're all adults and people have their reasons for doing things. I say if my friends don't like it they can suck it.

Jess said...

I like the idea of that. When did enjoying your own company become a bad thing, anyway?