21 August 2006

Quite content.

I had a fantastic weekend. No big shows or a party or anything like that. I stayed in both Friday and Saturday nights. I cleaned. I cooked. I watched the Twins. Did some family stuff. And I relaxed all by myself.

I never would have thought a weekend like this could do so much to recharge and center me, and make me feel so ... happy, for lack of a better word. It feels weird to use it, though, because usually something happens to make me happy. This weekend it was the lack of stuff happening that did it. I just feel like I am better equipped to handle life.

Haha. That all sounds so new age-y, which is not me at all. I do quite like being comfortable with my own company and being happy with my life just the way it is. I knew I could get back to this place.

Sweet, merciful crap do I have baseball fever. More accurately it's Twins fever, of course. I'm so geeked up right now. I read everything I can get my hands on, including this post over at Tuesdays With Torii, which totally gave me goosebumps.

I wish some of my friends gave a crap about baseball. I go to games with my sister and nephew (and Jen this season!). I can coax Carrie into a game a year. It would just be nice to have someone with whom I could discuss the Twins or watch games with every now and again. They don't really care, though. Most of my friends either aren't into sports or are all about football. Booty Call Matt likes the Twins. He called today -- a whole day in advance -- to see if we could hang out and watch the game tomorrow. I guess it wouldn't hurt to have a little company, huh?

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