08 August 2006


My day was ruined. The news was out that Francisco Liriano was heading to the disabled list. Was this the death knell fo the Twins' playoff hopes? Yeah, great, Matt Garza got the call, but I would have liked to see him as the fifth starter. Not replacing The Cisco Kid.

But wait. What's this? Brad Radke pitches an excellent game to beat Detroit in Comerica Park. All is not lost! At this very moment, the Twins are in a dead heat with the Bitch Sox and the Bo Sox for the AL Wild Card lead. Those games are in progress. I hate the idea of cheering for the Yankees, but I must. And the Royals? Well, they deserve to win. Or something.

Back to Matt Garza, it looks as if he has fabulous hair, just like Bradke. I don't think there's any question where I'll be on Friday night when he makes his major league debut. And Supernatural goes tomorrow, so watch out, Tigers.

In other life events, I'm so tired. I will go to bed early tonight, dammit. I swear.

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