18 August 2006

No real coherence or theme.

I don't really have any overarching purpose or coherence to this post today. But it's not such a random collection as to require a list or bullet points. It is what it is, I guess.

It's Friday, but it's a gray Friday. However, it could be a gray Monday. So, I shall thank my lucky stars that it is not a Monday, gray or otherwise. I had a really yummy peach this morning. I hope the other one in the fruit bowl at home is as tasty. They should be. I paid about a dollar for each of them.

My horoscope for today:

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). Your salty mood makes loved ones laugh. Your work benefits from it, too, as you put your personality into every task. However, do watch your words around sensitive souls who are inclined to take offense where none is meant.

"Salty mood?" What the hell does that mean? I have an idea, I suppose. I'm not really sure how much personality I was able to inject into the report editing I did today. I tried to have a little extra flair on my proofreading marks, but I'm not sure the saltiness was properly conveyed.

Thank goodness I don't plan to have much interaction with "sensitive souls" today. In fact, the only person I've actually spoken to was my boss. If all goes well, I won't exchange much more than passing pleasantries with anyone else, lest I inadvertently offend some poor creature.

Speaking of poor creatures, I saw a mouse on the sidewalk as I was walking to Lake Calhoun yesterday. Instead of moving to the edge of the sidewalk or stepping over the mouse, which was in some kind of distress, I crossed the damn street. I'm so terribly afraid of mice -- we're talking phobia-level fear, here. But I didn't scream or anything. Just somewhat calmly crossed the street.

My funky mood is passing, thanks in part to the end of my minor pregnancy scare. It wasn't really a scare. Sometimes a girl's mind tends to make mountains out of molehills when things are a little different one month, after the would-be father has left the country for five years and you don't know if you'll ever see him or speak to him again or if you even want to see him or speak to him again. Why yes, I am a worrier. Why do you ask?

Huge series starts tonight for the Twins. The hated Bitch Sox come to town for three games, with the Bitch Sox up two in the AL Wild Card race. As it turns out the Red Sox and Yankees are also playing this weekend and JESUS CHRIST WOULD YOU JUST SHUT THE HELL UP ABOUT THEM. I can't get away. It's all over ESPN.com, the fantasy football message boards I frequent ... I don't care. The world does not revolve around you.

While I watch the Twins tonight, I get to clean! The parental units informed me that they are coming to my place after we go to watch my nephew's soccer game. I moved in March and my mom wasn't able to help, so she wants to see the place. I'm sure she'll hate it; she's hated every apartment and dorm room I've ever inhabited. Why I'm bothering to clean is beyond me, too. She'll criticize my housekeeping skills, because I'll never be good enough at that, either. Thankfully, my fridge is stocked with beer. Because I will need it when they leave.

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