09 August 2006

Is it that difficult?

I hate it when people make a mess and don't clean it up. Can't you put a paper towel over that bowl in the microwave? You can't tell me you didn't see all that shit splattered all over the inside. How about putting your dirty spoon in the sink instead of leaving it on the counter to attract a shitload of ants? I won't even ask you to rinse it off. Just put it somewhere other than the counter.

It's fine if you want to live like that at home, but if there are others around, or God forbid you're at someone else's house, you can't go that tiny exra mile? I try to be considerate. Sometimes I fail; we all do. But I do try.

I feel like an anal-retentive clean freak for being annoyed about this. However, I'm really not. I feel evil for being annoyed about it, too. Why can't I just suck it up? I guess I am sucking it up, aside from writing this. Gotta get it out somewhere so I don't stew about it, right? Yeah, that's it. Usually I feel much better after I just get it all out. I'll cross my fingers for that.

Twins 4
Tigers 3

No Liriano? No worries. The Twins take two out of three from Detroit (in Detroit!) and are tied for the AL Wild Card lead, with the Bitch Sox currently losing to the Yankees. Dr. Morneau becomes the first Twin since 1987 to hit 30 homers. And he now has 101 RBI. It's been a few years since the Twins have had a 100+ RBI man, too. Just a few, though. The Blue Jays come to town tomorrow. I'm all aflutter about baseball. Well, a little more than usual, anyway.

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csmc said...

No Way! You are totally not being anal! Hello? I don't want to walk into the kitchen and have to witness mold growing on someones used fork. That is not sexy.