28 August 2006

I weep for humanity.

That this messageboard exists at all is bad enough. That there have been around 100 posts today makes me want to hurt myself.

Hello Beautiful Boy. I'm thrilled to know your right hind is healing so nicely. You're always in my heart, on my mind, and in my prayers. I love you. MARY
Mary, 57; Raleigh, NC, USA
posted on 2006-08-28 13:38:18

Hey Buddy! How are you doing? Glad to hear of another good update. You are my hero. God bless you. Love, janice, Rosey, Missy, Scooter, Munchkin, Mini, and the rest of the gang.
Janice M. Richardson, 46; Alexandria, VA, USA
posted on 2006-08-28 13:10:08

Hi Darlin, Missed u over the weekend. Glad to hear you are still improving. Love you and hope u have a great day! Luv Luv, Pamela
Pamela Forrest, 53; Madisonville, TX, USA
posted on 2006-08-28 11:25:47

Holy fuck. It's a HORSE. Someone kill me. Please.


csmc said...

If only people were as nice to each other! I suppose it is a lot easier to love a horse in some respects. *sheesh*

Jess said...

I know, right? I don't feel so bad today, though. Reading this has restored a little of my faith in humanity.

L'Austin Translation said...

Didn't Paris cry when she first heard her cd because "it's so good!"?

I thought I read that somewhere...

As for the equine love-- many animals are far better inhabitants of this earth than some humans I can think of.

Jess said...

Yes, you read that correctly about Paris.

csmc said...

Hmm... I have to agree that some animals are better than people... but maybe that wouldn't be the case if we treated each other well... then everone would be treated nicely - all the animals (including people).

I <3 Ur blog!