02 August 2006

Bus stop psychiatrist.

When I got to the bus stop after work today, there was a kid in the shelter. I stood in my normal spot for a minute, maybe, before he walked up and asked me which bus I was waiting for. I told him and then put my earbud back in to continue listening to stellastarr*. He said something else to me, which I didn't hear, of course. So I had to take my earbud out again and ask him to repeat himself.

He said, "I was wondering if I could tell you about some of the things that I'm going through." *sirens wailing* *lights flashing* How do you respond to that? He proceeded to spend the next few minutes telling me about how he had some problems in school and had to drop out. And how he was trying to get back in to finish his 20 credits, but was having trouble applying to get in anywhere.

I just kept saying, "Uh huh. Yeah." Then, he busts out that he has no friends. Color me shocked. I can't imagine that you don't have friends when you're telling your problems to strangers at the bus stop. He had to dump all of his friends because all they do is smoke. I figured he was talking about weed, 'cause usually people who smoke cigs do stuff besides chain smoke. At least I had better responses to some of these statements.

This went on for what seemed like an eternity, but was probably about a total of five or six minutes. I wished him luck when the bus arrived and left him there. He went back into the shelter; I suspect waiting for his next sympathetic ear.

At least he wasn't hitting on me. Or asking me for money. Or trying to convert me to some brand of religion.

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