07 August 2006

Bits and pieces.

1. Big series for the Twins this week in Detroit. Sr. Filthiano, Bradke and Supernatural are pitching. Sweet! Though, The Cisco Kid is giving up hits left and right through four innings. And now he's out. Not good.

2. How did my fingernails get so long? This is ridiculous. One day, they're nice and short and I can type with very few errors. The next thing I know, I'm scratching myself with these claws. My hair is the same way. It's fine, and then here I am catching it under my arms and between my back and the bus seat. Yeesh.

3. I got to turn off the air conditioning yesterday. The weather is positively lovely. Looks like it might stay that way for a while.

4. My alone time was taken away this weekend; with two hours warning, no less. I hate that. It makes me feel all out of sorts. I'm totally cranky.

5. Another Sunday night came and went with very little sleep. What a way to start the week. This could be adding to the air of crankiness surrounding me.

6. Malina will be here on Saturday! I can't even begin to express just how excited this makes me.

7. There's a dude who rides the bus sometimes on my way home who has been cultivating this absolutely magnificent neckbeard. It's dense and dark. I've never seen anything like it. It cracks me up to no end. The best part is, he's got a long-ass mullet. Oh, how I wish I could get a picture of him.

8. I really hate not having money. But I think the stress I've been under (money stress and otherwise) for the last couple of months shortened my period to about a grand total of six hours. Nice.

9. Thinking perhaps I should swear off men and all their entanglements for a while.

10. The Raconteurs show rocked my motherfucking socks on Thursday. Other than Elbow, it was the best show I've seen this year.

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