08 July 2006

Why is it so wrong to want some time alone?

"You're not going out?"

No, I'm not. I stayed home last night, too. And I don't want to go to brunch in the morning. Or early afternoon, or whatever the hell time it is that you're going. Why is that a bad thing? I like being by myself. I enjoy my own company. As it turns out, that's actually supposed to be a good thing. Or so I've heard.

Can't a girl be a little introspective and want to fly solo for a couple of nights? It's not like I've not had any interaction with people at all. I saw my sister and cousin and was around a shitload of people at a soccer tournament this morning. There were a number of people at the mall, liquor store and grocery store. Carrie and I went to a movie and had a drink before. I did stuff! I talked to people!

I'm not an antisocial loner. Really. Sometimes I need to pull the circle a little tighter, though. I crave alone time. I didn't have any for several days and I need to replenish the reserves. Believe me, I'll get sick of my own company soon enough. Bottom line is this: I'm okay and perfectly happy to stay home.

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