31 July 2006

So this is Satan's asshole.

Lord almighty it's hot out there. Last night when I went to Rainbow a little before 9:00, it was still around 97 degrees. It was 85 at 6:00 this morning. I think the high for today ended up being 101.

I don't have a clue how anyone could live in a climate where the temperature and humidity are like this for any extended period of time; or even somewhere in the desert where it's a dry heat. I don't understand how I can live in a climate where it gets this hot in the summer and gets down to 30 below in the winter. Thankfully, winter seems like it could never possibly arrive on a day like today.

God, a blog about the weather. I should just delete it now.

Maybe I can salvage it. How 'bout them Twins? The Rangers are looking a bit like Detroit did yesterday in the eighth inning. Kyle Lohse is now a Cincinnati Red. And I certainly won't blame the 'nati for that. That was the only move the Twins made. No Alfonso Soriano for anyone. He stayed in DC.

I've actually been pretty productive at work for a few days. I don't feel that horrible despair that I was feeling about my job. I'm still not thrilled, but at least I'm doing something.

I'm becoming hooked on CSI reruns on Spike. I used to see bits of it when I was at the Y in Mankato. I knew they had good music -- I heard "Scattered Black and Whites" at the end of an episode this evening. *sigh* Oh, Elbow. Please come back soon.

The Raconteurs come to town Thursday for a sold-out show at First Ave. Guess who got her ticket before they went on sale?

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