23 July 2006

A jaunty hat really pulls a look together.

Went to see Pete Yorn at the Varsity Theater last night with my sister, her friend and my cousin. The show was sold out and we somehow ended up about five people back from the stage. Kate is quite skilled at crowd maneuvering. I don't know where she got it. We passed kids buying tickets from a scalper for $35. The face value was $20. Yikes!

The show was supposed to be acoustic and the first couple of songs were just Pete on his guitar. But he ended up with a full band in no time. I'm quite glad. He didn't do his cover of "Suspicious Minds," which is my favorite cover of any song ever. But I'll live. The drummer sang "For Nancy." He's an excellent drummer and quite the showman on the mic. Pete's gotten better every time I've seen him. It was a great show.

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