24 July 2006

I suck at life.

I finally started contributing to my 401k here at work this year. I've got all of six months (plus one paycheck) of contributions under my belt. We got our statements today with our paychecks and I peruse mine to find that I've lost money.

Adding fuel to the fire is the bag of baby carrots I bought yesterday at Rainbow. They seemed okay yesterday when I ate a few. Today, when I busted them out for lunch, I noticed that they felt a bit slimy. So, I check the contents of the bag to find that there is a rotten, black carrot at the bottom of the bag. I look for the "best used by" date and find that it is tomorrow. Not, say a week ago. Granted, I only paid $1.49 for this bag of carrots, but now I've had to throw the majority of them away. It's still wasting money that I could have spent on something bad for me that I would have eaten and enjoyed. This is exactly what happened the last time I bought a bag of baby carrots, incidently.

I'm trying to save money and I lose it. I try to eat more vegetables and end up wasting my money on rotten ones. I can't fucking do anything right.

Maybe I should just try to drink myself to death.

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Melissa said...

I try to tell people carrots are evil, but no one listens. I stick to fruit, which of course can also rot, but I'm more likely to eat them