30 July 2006

Church and sex.

I'm going to Hell. Oh, it could be for any number of reasons, but the one that sprang to my mind yesterday is probably high up on the list. As I sat through Mass yesterday, all I could think about was sex. Until I realized I was thinking about sex and it dawned on me that in the handful of times I actually go to Mass every year, I spend the bulk of time thinking about sex.

Daydreaming is an activity in which I engage frequently. It's not always about sex. But when I'm in a church, whether it's when I'm home and going to Mass for a holiday (or to avoid a fight with my dad) or if I'm in some other denomination's church for a wedding, I think about sex, sex, sex.

The soundtracks to these church sex daydreams have lots of cursing, too. Because the sex isn't bad enough.

The nun would be so proud.

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