20 July 2006

Balance in the newspaper.

Not that kind of objective reporting balance you hear so much about. I'm talking about balancing a crapass, error-riddled story with this Q&A with Joe Mauer. It was conducted by the one and only Mike Rand, who I worked with at the Minnesota Daily. Mike was the one who nicknamed me "Posse" after I proclaimed my affection for the black cowboy movie of the same name. Okay, so you can't really compare the two stories. I guess the balance comes from the poorly proofread story leaving a bad taste in my mouth, which was washed away with this gem:

Q Do you think you could bake a delicious cake with just four ingredients and no recipe?
A No.
Q Do you think there are some Twins fans out there who maybe think you could?
A Well, I don't know. Maybe.

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