06 June 2006

Why does Metro Transit hate me?

It seems that Metro Transit has eliminated the 4C bus. That's the bus that I was taking home every day. So, today and yesterday I ended up waiting probably 15 minutes for my transfer. That didn't suck too badly. However, the bus was packed to the gills. The 4F, which was the bus right before the 4C, was always crowded. The 4C was usually fairly full, too. Now, everyone that was taking the 4C has to take the 4K, and there were still people standing in the aisle when I got off my stop. Yeesh.

Gone is my lovely bus ride home. Maybe I'll stay on the 6 and walk the seven blocks from Hennepin. It's a lovely walk, unless I have to pee. And I have to pee most days. Stupid wee Irish bladder.

Oh, but this isn't the worst. The ads in the bus shelters changed. Gone is my eyeliner-wearing Johnny Depp and scruffy, sweaty Orlando Bloom. In place of the Pirates of the Caribbean ads are ads about syphilis. These ads come complete with a picture of a chancre. OH MY GOD. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? At least, that's what I think the little inset close-up was. I was far too grossed out to actually look at it. I did see a couple of people with disgusted reactions, so I'm guessing it's a chancre.

I also saw some scary-looking trannies today at the bus stop. Yesterday, Johnny Depp. Today, chancres and trannies. Awesome.

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