14 June 2006

Try to look on the bright side.

Yeah, it sucked that the cord for the air conditioner wouldn't reach to the outlet. And you didn't realize it until you had everything in place. It does suck that it has to go in the living room and be an eyesore on the front of the house, yes. And it does blow that you had to lug that heavy-ass thing back to where it started last night and you cranked your knee and probably tweaked that herniated disc.

True, it's stinky that the air conditioner fits less well in this window than in the kitchen window. It's not fun that you sliced your wrist open when you picked up the air conditioner to try to put it in the window.

But ... all that blood was pretty cool.

Not only was the blood pretty cool, but you did it yourself (okay, Dad got the wood pieces and you had to make three phone calls). When things didn't go as planned, you got frustrated, yes. You didn't cry, though. You sucked it up and got things done. It's not the best job, but dammit, it should work.

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