07 June 2006

Stop testing me.

Seriously. I get it. Or maybe I don't, hence the testing.

I was out for drinks tonight and ran into an ex-boyfriend. This same ex called me out of the blue about a year ago. Oddly enough, last year when he called and today, he just happened to catch me on a particularly horny day. It's not fair. I'm only human, dammit.

Fortunately for me, we just talked on the phone a few times a year ago and then I didn't hear from him after a couple of weeks. Tonight, he acted like that never happened. And the chances that I'll hear from him after tonight are slim to none, I would guess. He'd have to remember my e-mail. Which is easy, given that he knows my name. All he needs to remember is the @gmail.com part. Still, though, I'm hoping it's a non-issue.

Why am I being tested so much? A boyfriend with cancer who then decides to move out of the country. He's now an ex-boyfriend who had delayed his departure twice and it seems to be on indefinite hold. Now I run into an ex who, should he e-mail me, would be a serious temptation.

I know better, though. I can control my urges. I learned lessons. I know there's better out there.

Really, though? Enough. I get it. Seriously. I mean it.

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