11 June 2006

Purple Rain

Last night, Shawn hosted me, K, Rach, BC, Shari, Boy Chris and Eric for our first-ever Purple Rain night. Shawn has the 20th anniversary version edition of the DVD, so as part of the warm-up for the feature, we got to watch a feature on First Ave and the Minneapolis music scene, a feature on the fashion in the movie, the MTV premiere party, the videos and then a feature with the director, producer and what not.

One of the special features mentioned how cold it was here when they were filming. Either the producer or the director said that it was "20 below" when Apollonia jumped in the water she mistakenly thought was Lake Minnetonka. Um, if it was 20 below, she would have smacked her ass on ice. It looked as if the filming was done in the fall because the leaves were changing, but most of the trees still had leaves and there was green grass on the ground. Plus, you couldn't even see anyone's breath when they were outdoors. Bunch of California wusses.

We even made up a drinking game, since Shawn had bought Purple Rain-flavored Mad Dog. Dear, sweet Jeebus, but that stuff is awful. It tasted like highly-sugared cough syrup.

The drinking game was this: Every mention of "The Kid" was one drink. An exterior shot of First Ave or of the fictious backstage area was one drink. Finally, every time the song "Purple Rain" was heard or referenced, that was another drink. Next year we may add a drink for every time Prince's father beats his mother, or when they're getting it on. I also had to take a drink for every Purple Raingasm I had. There were several.

Granted, the "plot" part of the movie leaves so very much to be desired. Eric had never seen the movie before and was worried about spoilers from the special features and about following the plot. We got quite the chuckle out of that. Yeah, the acting is awful. Most of the people in the movie weren't actors, though. One of the special features talked about Apollonia being the only "real" actor among the bunch. She was worse than most. Also, hello, Clarence Williams III? He's a "real" actor. His performance in Sugar Hill sticks in my head whenever I see him now. Well, that and his role as Samson in Half Baked.

I have to say that all of the kissing scenes between Prince and Apollonia looked very uncomfortable. You would think that as a man who has always exuded this incredible, raw sexuality, Prince would be a good kisser. Or it would look like kissing him would be amazing. But you'd be wrong. It just looked weird. It looked like he is a horrible kisser.

But the performances ... oh, the performances. *Purple Raingasm* Shit. I need to get a beer. Okay, back. I can't even imagine what it would have been like to see Prince and The Revolution in a packed First Ave in the early 80s. And The Time, too? As much as I'm not into the things Prince has been doing since he decided to become a Jehovah's Witness or even probably before that ... the man is a musical genius and had such an influence on my musical life when I was a wee girl and when I was growing up.

I said during the movie that some day, a few years down the road, when we are renting out the Suburban World Theater to show the movie to our legion of converts, we could all hearken back to that first party in 2006 and say, "We were there."

Next year, we're totally having purple jello shots. Sign up early!

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