26 June 2006

Only three? Really?

Today's Waxed Chest Tally from the Lake Calhoun walk is a measly three. How sad. Then again, it was relatively cool today. There weren't a lot of people at the beaches or at the playgrounds or walking/running/biking/blading around the lake. It was much more calm and quiet than the past couple of times I'd been there. Traffic on the streets around the lake was down from it's normal levels. It was a little odd, but it was so quiet. It was really lovely. Helped me get out of my head for a little while.

I saw the Disco Skater at the water fountain behind Tin Fish. I thought that made my day. I really needed it. And it did, momentarily. But the tears came back soon enough.

The four bottles of wine that I bought at Trader Joe's for $13 should be some comfort, though. Yay for cheap wine.

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