29 June 2006


My friend Jen arrives from South Carolina this afternoon around 4:00. Her visit couldn't have come at a better time. I try to be a good hostess, so even though I'm flat-fucking-broke, I've got all kinds of stuff planned for her fourish days here. Pizza and cocktails on the deck tonight. Twins game tomorrow night, possibly after a trip to Trader Joe's and the Mall of America. Saturday night we hit Red Dragon for Wonderous Punch. Sunday it's off to Duluth to see Wilco. I'm guessing we'll lay low Monday until it's time for me to take her to the airport.

It'll be nice to have a distraction (and hopefully lots of fun) while she's here. I need a respite from the nearly unbearable past few days.

Tuesday will probably see me back to more of the same. It'll be like a Sunday, only worse. Or maybe not worse. Oh, please Jeebus, let there be a "Law & Order" marathon on TNT. I should really work on Tuesday. Maybe I'll be nursing a hangover from Chris and Katina's Fourth of July party on Monday night. There's nothing like red, white and blue Jell-O shots to make you feel like an American.

Man, what a suckass blog entry.

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