11 May 2006


I've been assaulted by a variety of nasty smells and sights today. When I was walking into the building this morning, there was a god-awful stench in the space between the outer doors and inner doors. There was a man walking out as I was walking in and he was carrying some plastic bags. I suppose the foul odor could have come from the bags, but he was carrying them as if they were filled with normal, everyday things instead of Satan's poo. It smelled rotten, but worse. It seemed to be mostly contained in the area between the inner and outer doors, thank goodness. I'm hoping it's gone by the time I leave today.

Our office doesn't smell like roses, either. So many dudes in one small space has to be the reason. It just gets ... stale and mildly funky in here most days. I have to open my window even when there's quite a chill in the air, like today.

Now for the nasty sights. After composing myself, post-cry (Whatshisfuckingface decided he needed to call and bother me today), I went to the bathroom. There are four regular stalls and one handicap stall in the first-floor women's bathroom here. I usually take stall four and avoid the handicap stall unless I'm changing clothes or something. I followed a woman in who took stall three. I went to stall four, as usual, only to see something nasty on the toilet seat. It wasn't pee. It could have been poo. Whatever it was, I wasn't cleaning it off. Stall two was my next choice. But, what have we here? More crap on the toilet seat. Could have been blood, could have been backsplash from someone puking in the toilet. Who knows? I certainly don't, and again, I'm not going to bother trying to clean it up. I'll just try stall one. Lo and behold, there's hair on the seat. At least that I can blow off or wipe off easily.

People are grossing me out today. I hate them so.

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