01 May 2006

Drama on the bus.

Finally I have a bus story involving the Minneapolis Transit Police. Wait, why does that sound like I've been waiting for this to happen?

I was reading and listening to Snow Patrol's new album (which comes out a week from tomorrow, thank you very much), so I wasn't aware of this guy creating a disturbance right away. A guy in a wheelchair had just gotten on, so I thought that's why we were still sitting at the stop. However, I then heard over the tunes some guy loudly slurring, "That's fuckin' bullshit, man."

I never quite figured out what the problem was. I know the card reader in the farebox wasn't working. It didn't read my pass, nor was it giving transfers. So, perhaps the guy was pissed off that he couldn't get a transfer. I may have heard him say something about whatever he had in his hand he couldn't use on the light rail. I didn't bother to take my headphones off or even turn the music down.

At the same time this drunk guy is carrying on, the driver has the doors of the bus open. I thought maybe it had something to do with the guy, but it seemed that there was something wrong. What my problem was, I'm not sure, but I was freaking out. We're running late. There's a drunk guy causing a disturbance. The card reader doesn't work and now the doors won't shut. And I was on the verge of tears as it was. As all of these things mounted, I started feeling like I might throw up. No idea where that came from. That would have been awesome. Or not.

Drunk guy was still on the bus when I got off at Hennepin and 5th. For some reason, there were tons of cop cars around. It just so happened that there was a Transit Police car sitting a few car lengths from the bus stop. They had drunky get off. I saw him get frisked and put into the car. All's well that ends well, I guess. There was a woman on the bus who kept saying, "Hey, the bus driver's talking to you," and generally antagonizing the guy. I'm not really sure what one should do in that kind of a situation, but I'm pretty sure doing something to antagonize a drunk guy who is verbally abusing the bus driver isn't on the list of good ideas.

I got home at my normal time. We went past a march that was gong from the Basilica to maybe the Hennepin County Government Center for the Day Without Immigrants. Lots of Latino faces, quite a few white faces as well. I was impressed with their numbers.

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