18 May 2006

A different kind of crazy bus stop lady.

Listening to my iPod on the bus ride to work is awesome, don't get me wrong. Sometimes, however, I miss out on potentially hilarious rantings from various fellow bus riders. And that's a bit disappointing.

Most of the folks that seem a bit off that I encounter in my bus riding adventures seem to talk to themselves more than anything. Today, however, as I waited at the bus stop on Hennepin and 5th, there was a cantankerous older woman who seemed to be searching for someone, anyone, to talk to.

She looked at me, but saw the headphones and turned into the shelter where there was a woman waiting. Incidently, there must be construction or something on Nicollet, because there are Nicollet buses on Hennepin every day. It's been going on since last week. The clusterfuck of buses is a sight to behold. Not a pretty sight, mind you, but a sight all the same.

Back to Crabby Lady. I actually turned my music off for a bit to see if I could hear her, but to no avail. She had her back to me. Whatever she was saying was cracking the girl up in the shelter with her. All I could hear was the tone of her voice. From that it sounded like she could be ranting about "those goddamn kids." And how they wouldn't stay off her lawn or something.

She also had a comb in her back pocket. What day isn't complete without an '80s flashback, I ask you?

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